The Church of God in Handsworth started as an extension Sunday school of the Northfield branch. The Church in Handsworth was organized on 8th May 2005, with host Pastor Beverley Anderson, BA, and 5 members.There has been a significant increase of memberships”.

We study the whole bible rightly diving the Old Testament from The New Testament and we use the New Testament as our rule of Faith.

Our services are gear around worship, prayer and the study of God’s words. Our lessons cover all the issues in today’s world. Finances, Marriage, Children, etc. All welcomed to join with us in our worship.
Handsworth - Weekly Meeting Schedule
Sunday: 12:30 – 13:30PM Sunday School (Classes Ages 4-9; 10-15; 16 upward all ages)
  13:30 – 14:45PM Midday Service
    1st Sunday – Pastor’s Appreciation
    2nd Sunday - Womens Missionary Band
    3rd Sunday – Church of Prophercy Markers Association
    4th Sunday – Victory Leaders Band

Place of worship

Handsworth Baptist Church Centre
38A Victoria Road,
Birmingham B21 0SA


Contact details

Tel: 0121 245 5684
Mobile: 07852306526
Email: Pastoranderson@churchofgod.or.uk

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