The Church of God has a number of auxiliaries and departments to help her fulfil the great
commission and be ready for the return of her Lord, JESUS CHRIST.



    . The Sunday School: The purpose is to:

    1. Teach the Word of God.

    2. To win souls.

    3. To build the Church.

    4. To help the community.

    . The Assembly Band Movement (Pastoral Care): The purpose of this auxiliary is to assist the Pastor in taking care of the members.

    . Women’s Missionary Band: The purpose of this auxiliary is to stimulate and solicit missionary funds, clothing etc, for home and foreign missions.

    . Victory Leaders Band (Youth Department): The purpose of this auxiliary is to:

    1. Train young people for Christian service.

    2. To prepare young people for the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ.

    3. To bring nourishment to the Church and through their efforts bring new members into the Church.

    4. To be an example of the Church amongst other young people and older people as well.

    5. To raise funds for printing the gospel.

    . Church of Prophecy Marker Association: The purpose of this auxiliary  is for locating, marking, beautifying and maintaining prominent places in the world in connection with The Church of God of the Bible.

    . Evangelism: The purpose of the Evangelism Department is to fulfil our Lord’s command to preach the gospel to every creature (St. Matt 28:19,20).  The Church endeavours to do this through various means including one to one witnessing, distributing gospel leaflets, outreach, gospel crusades etc.

    . The Evening Light: This magazine is the official publication of the Church of God and is produced monthly.  Its content includes: news from the field, messages, prayer requests, dates of events and church business matters etc.

    . Bible Training Institute (BTI): This department of the Church is devoted to teaching and training members of the Church so that they can be more effective in their calling.  We are encouraged in 2 Timothy 2:15 to study God’s word with its related blessings.

    . Outreach Literature: The purpose of this department is to make God’s Word freely available in various languages.  This includes Sunday School literature and gospel tracts etc.


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